Technical area

Are you working with the quality of Mopar® products? In this area you can find all that you need.

​At a global level Mopar® is unique, as demonstrated by some important statistics: the company boasts distribution in more than 120 countries and a spare parts and accessories catalogue offering more than 500,000 components.
The mission of Mopar® s to ensure customers of all brands within the Fiat and Chrysler Groups a satisfying ownership experience for the vehicle’s entire life cycle, putting their after-sales service leadership and know-how at their service. Mopar® looks after cars from the moment they leave dealership onwards, guaranteeing the customer the very highest level of service, employing cutting-edge technology and innovative, original and high-quality products.​​

Mopar® Vehicle Protection

Mopar®Vehicle Protection is the only coverage endorsed by Fiat SpA. Offering more care for your car by ensuring all mechanical work is performed by factory- trained technicians using genuine parts at authorized repair facilities across Europe.

See your dealership or service specialist for a full range of Mechanical Coverage and Maintenance Plans available from MOPAR® VEHICLE PROTECTION.

Mopar® Heritage


​Mopar® began to emerge in the sixties, a time when American sports cars and high-performance cars gained international fame thanks to their results in racing. When the Chrysler Corporation created the Dodge and Plymouth, Mopar® launched a line of "special parts" expressly dedicated to the vehicles that took to the track. And so Mopar® Performance Parts was born, the division of Chrysler committed to the production of spare parts, with the mission of enhancing race car performance to the maximum. Over the years, Mopar® became synonymous with “muscle cars”: most of the cars that, straddling the 1970s, made history in automotive racing can be indicated with this description. Since then, Mopar® aims to satisfy its customers as they optimise the performance and handling of the cars that they drive every day. Today, the global player has extended its operations to include technical assistance and customer service, activities, putting its vast experience at the service of those who choose Fiat and Chrysler Group cars.​



Sustainable practices help to maintain the balance between satisfying contemporary needs and ensuring that future generations can satisfy theirs. That’s why Mopar® concerns itself with looking after FGA Group cars in the most eco-compatible manner that it can. This results in the end-of-life vehicle collection plan and the Green Check-Up, the maintenance programme that permits a specific check on car components with the greatest impact in terms of emissions.