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What is it?


During combustion, inside an engine, temperatures of between 1700°C and 2500°C are reached, and some of the heat is transmitted to the cylinder walls, the pistons, the engine head and the valves. If these parts are not sufficiently cooled, they could reach high enough temperatures to cause them damage, putting the engine function at risk.

Thermal energy is dissipated using a liquid coolant which heats by circulating through the engine's various spaces. The coolant can also directly cool the engine lubrication oil or the transmission oil in vehicles with automatic transmission.

This fluid takes heat from the engine and disperses it to the outside air using a special exchanger: the radiator.

The cooling system must ensure:

  • Efficient heat exchange between the coolant and the air
  • The optimum structural temperature for the engine when running at full force
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Did you know?

The importance of antifreeze

The importance of antifreeze

Unsuitable fluids may be inefficient from a heat exchange point of view, and provide inadequate protection against corrosion, leading to the subsequent deterioration of the various surfaces in the cooling circuit. They may also be ineffective in preventing the dangerous phenomenon of cavitation.

For this reason, the type of coolant which should be used in your car is specified in the owner handbook.

Paraflu is an antifreeze which works efficiently, even in the harshest running conditions. It offers the perfect protection for cooling systems, guaranteeing optimum removal of heat from the engine combustion chamber and maximum protection against freezing, deposits and corrosion.
For optimum protection, it is recommended that the product is mixed with 50% water to achieve a freezing point of -50°C.

Watch out for leak stop

Watch out for leak stop

There are various liquids and powders on the market which promise to plug small leaks. These systems have no proven technical value and may even lead to serious engine and water pump problems.
In the case of confirmed loss of fluid from the radiator, it is highly recommended that it is replaced with an original spare part.

Timing kit with water pump

Timing kit with water pump

The engine coolant pump works as an active component in harmony with the timing components because it is driven by the toothed belt. The moving parts of the water pump, like the other components, suffer the same wear and tear over time. When servicing the timing system, it is recommended that you replace all connected components at the same time as the timing belt, such as the tensioner bearings, transmission roll and the water pump.
For the ordinary maintenance of your vehicle, visit the Fiat Professional Service Network and ask for a Mopar® timing kit: all you need for a convenient and reliable servicing solution.

Fiat Professional’s tips

Leaking coolant can cause a rapid decrease in cooling capacity. A red gauge will light up on the dashboard to indicate the high temperature. As soon as it is safe, you must immediately stop your vehicle, switch off the engine and call Roadside Assistance.

As well as radiator malfunction, excessive coolant temperature may also be caused by faults in other system components, such as the water pump or the fan.
We recommend that you have your cooling system checked regularly at an Authorised Service Centre, to check the function of the radiator and the cooling circuit components (including the tubes and sleeves). Check and top up fluid level is required each service.
Whenever it is necessary, top up the coolant level according to the instructions in the owner handbook.

To ensure your vehicle's cooling system is correctly maintained, always choose Mopar® original spare parts, because they are guaranteed by the manufacturers of your car as safe, high quality, resistant and eco-friendly.
Original spare parts guarantee the same efficiency as components fitted on a new car, so that the performance of your car remains just as Fiat Professional intended for you.