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What is it?


The door mirrors are much more complex than you might think. An original door mirror undergoes over one hundred different types of functional, environmental and durability tests.

Innovations designed to improve driving safety are accompanied by research into increasingly sophisticated accessory solutions, including temperature sensors, glass heating, electric folding, direction indicator integration and position memory. All of this makes the door mirrors a key part of your driving comfort.

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They really do have a wide range of functions:

  • Vision
    Your vision is guaranteed by the reflective surface, made up of a convex pane which widens your field of visibility. A piece of glass with two radii of curvature (a convex portion and an aspherical portion towards the outside) minimises your blind spot; the two portions are separated by a vertical line. In the past, the mirrors significantly increased the height and width of the vehicle; today, all vehicles have door mirrors on both sides.
  • Adjustment
    The adjustment is what you do when you get into the vehicle to optimise your vision, minimising obstructions from the sides of the vehicle. Over time this has evolved from manual to mechanical, where, using a lever inside the vehicle, you control metal cables connected to the various components which make up the mirror. Nowadays, adjustment is mainly electrical, using a joystick to control a small electric motor which adjusts the reflective surface only.
  • Folding
    This function enables you to fold the mirrors inwards so that they can be closed in the case of an accident, to avoid damage to people or things, or to allow the completion of manoeuvres in narrow spaces. The mirrors can be folded manually or electrically, using the same joystick used to adjust the reflector, which also controls an electric folding device.
  • Structure
    Original door mirrors are designed using structural materials, including both plastic and metal. This prevents vibrations, ensures the stability of the reflected image, and optimises safety and driving comfort. Structural solidity is ensured by careful calculations during the design phase.
  • Style
    The style of the door mirror blends with the style of the vehicle. To preserve the aesthetic qualities over time, the materials used for original spare parts meet all sunlight, rain and temperature variation resistance requirements. To minimise aerodynamic wind noise, seals are used around the area where the mirror attaches to the door: these seals also have their own aesthetic value.
  • Illumination
    The door mirrors may also come with built-in direction indicators with bulbs or LEDs.

Did you know?

Design features

Design features

The covers, once a simple functional element, have now become a key part of the vehicle's design. To customise your vehicle, you can choose from an extensive range of original accessories with covers available in different shades, materials and finishes.
Discover the Mopar® range of accessories.

Heated reflectors

Heated reflectors

To eliminate misting or the presence of ice on the reflective surface, many mirrors have a heated structure, which restores clear vision in minutes. The heating element, where present, is activated using the same button as the heated rear window.

Assembly and components

Assembly and components

Mopar® original door mirrors are available both as complete assemblies and as individual parts: Authorised Fiat Professional Dealerships can provide the reflector, covers and trim as separate components, depending on the level of repair required.

Fiat Professional’s tips

Original door mirrors, just like products manufactured for mass production, are type approved by the Ministry of Transport, which certifies them in terms of safety, image quality and behaviour in the case of an accident.
When necessary, visit an Authorised Fiat Professional Dealership and be sure to always choose original spare parts, because they guarantee the same efficiency as components fitted on a new car.