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What is it?


Your car's body components have been developed as an integral part of the vehicle's passive safety system, in order to ensure optimum protection for pedestrians and for all vehicle occupants.

They also create the vehicle's style, designed and manufactured to maintain their characteristics over time: to avoid rust formation, the panels are zinc-plated in advance on both sides, to a thickness of between 7 and 10 μm, then painted in a cataphoresis cycle.  The finished appearance of the paintwork is created using primer and top coat.

During the development phase, a range of experimental checks are performed, in which components undergo accelerated corrosion tests. These stimulate the most severe and demanding usage conditions in wet/cold regions.

All of these processes ensure high corrosion resistance: the structural elements of the vehicle's body are guaranteed against perforations caused by rust, when it occurs from the inside out.

The anti-perforation warranty provides for the repair and/or replacement of any structural bodywork element damaged by perforating rust, when it occurs from the inside out, and is valid for a period of 8 years from when the vehicle is handed over to the customer. The paintwork warranty lasts for 3 years.

Check your warranty manual for the specific conditions which apply in your country.

If you need replacement parts, make sure you choose Mopar® original body parts which have been specially designed for your Fiat Professional car.

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Did you know?

Mechanical resistance

Mechanical resistance

The components of the door structure which play the biggest role in absorbing the energy which develops during a side impact have extremely high mechanical resistance. To permanently crumple them would take a pressure of 1500 MPa (Mega Pascal). To give you an idea, imagine the weight of an economy car concentrated on the head of a drawing pin!

In the event of an accident

In the event of an accident

Following an accident at low speed, whether your vehicle shunts or is shunted, there may seem to be very little damage to the vehicle. Usually following a shunt impact, all we see is slight scratching on the bumper. In reality, even if they can't be seen from the outside, the sacrificial crossmembers may have worked hard, and in the case of another accident, they may not be as efficient.

Ensuring your sacrificial crossmember is in perfect condition means your vehicle will be safer: of all the components which play a key role in the vehicle's passive safety, this is the first element which comes into play in the case of a collision.

Constant over time

Constant over time

Mopar® original spare parts maintain their aesthetic and functional characteristics over time, thanks to:

  • Mathematically constructed moulds carefully researched and developed to identify the correct injection points, important in restricting the deformation of the material over time.
    Flow parting lines managed with the correct positioning of the material injection points during the moulding phase to ensure homogeneity and compactness.
  • The high quality of the materials, necessary to pass Fiat Professional's strict type approval tests. Material quality is crucial for impact absorption and for perfect paint adhesion.
  • The correct thickness of the plastics, which allows us to achieve the required flexibility objectives. Bumpers must not alter during temperature excursions, and must maintain their original design dimensions. However, controlled crumpling must be guaranteed in the case of an impact.

Fiat Professional’s tips

The bonnet lock has a safety hook which prevents opening even when partially unlatched. Always keep your locking mechanisms clean and efficient. This is one more way of guaranteeing a safer journey.

If your vehicle is fitted with an active bonnet for pedestrian impacts, remember to service the system regularly as set out in the owner handbook.

Following a minor accident, be sure to have the condition of the sacrificial crossmembers carefully checked to ensure their efficiency is maintained in the case of another accident. Replacing a crossmember, even if only slightly deformed, may avoid the need to repair or replace other components at a later date.

The doors are designed and tested to maintain optimum functionality over time. To preserve door functionality, simply follow the instructions in the owner handbook. However, taking a few basic measures will help to maintain the efficiency of the door system throughout your vehicle's lifetime:

  • Avoid opening the door aggressively or letting it bounce on its hinges: this puts the door structure and the body under severe stress around the hinge area
  • Avoid closing the door aggressively, especially when the windows are fully down
  • Now and then, it is recommended that you pass a damp cloth over the outer trim on the door and the body. This simple operation removes the dust which gathers between the closed door and the trim, preventing the abrasive action of the dust on the doors and the trim
  • If you need to push the vehicle, do not push on the open doors

To ensure optimum performance, request only Mopar® original body parts for your Fiat Professional car.