The Classic Line products currently available are:

  • Brake Pads
  • Brake Discs
  • Air Cleaners
  • Oil Filters
  • Passenger Compartment Filters
  • Diesel Filters
  • Timing (belt and other system components)

​Why Classic Line

To meet the needs of customers who own vehicles with reduced value due to age, the Fiat Group has come up with the ideal cost-effective solution.
With no compromise on quality, Classic Line spare parts have been selected to best match the characteristics of vehicles over 5 years old, maintaining a level of quality in line with company quality criteria.​

​Classic Line is not a promotion, and has no expiry date: it’s the new opportunity that Mopar® has decided to offer those who have chosen a car from the Fiat Group.​

Classic Line products cover the majority of the spare parts required during routine servicing, to maintain performance, safety and consumption in line with the vehicle type approval standards.
They are available for the main models in the Fiat Professional range:​

Fiat ProfessionalBrake discBrake padFuel filterCabin filterAir filterOil filterTiming kit

​*n.f.: not fitted (the model is originally equipped with the part specified in the column)