Spare parts distributed by Mopar®

Respect nature, and the nature of your car.
Choose only spare parts distributed by Mopar®.​

Experience and innovation at your service

Mopar® spare parts are the tangible result of commitment to research and development, of applied technologies that are ever more innovative and able to offer the quality and efficiency that the customer deserves.​


Original parts

Mopar® original spare parts are the ideal solution for the care and maintenance of your car, because they comply exactly with the original technical specifications.
The perfect outside appearance, the high aerodynamic performance and the structural characteristics of body original spare parts ensure optimum integration for your safety.



Even when they've worked hard and carried you for many miles, your car parts are still precious.
By starting with original used components, we can create a product which offers a performance equivalent to that of a new vehicle, using a certified and guaranteed process. This process, known as “Remanufacture”, is an industrial activity in which removed components are reprocessed by service centres to restore the components to the usage conditions and performance levels of a new product.
Mopar® remanufacured parts offer many advantages:.

  • Eco-Compatibility
  • Original quality
  • Guaranteed as new
  • Full range

​Classic Line

For all motorists who have chosen a Fiat Group Automobiles car, Mopar® offers Classic Line, the range of spare parts for cars more than five years old. Classic Line spare parts by Mopar® guarantee performance and safety, at truly advantageous prices.
Classic Line products currently available include:

  • Brake Pads
  • Brake Discs
  • Air Cleaners
  • Oil Filters
  • Passenger Compartment Filters
  • Diesel Filters
  • Timing (belt and other system components)

Classic Line is not a promotion, and has no expiry date, it’s the new opportunity that Mopar® has decided to offer to those who have chosen a Fiat Group car.​

​​Oils and fluids

Working closely with FIAT Group, PETRONAS LUBRICANTS strives daily to improve upon the production processes of its engine oils and functional fluids, designing lubricants for specific use in individual vehicle models in line with engine development, for results which exceed international specifications every time.

Everyone who places their trust in PETRONAS LUBRICANTS, from the manufacturer to the end customer, can count on an exceptional specialist team and on high quality products which meet all of the required safety, performance, consumption and environmental characteristics.