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What is it?


Original windscreen wipers distributed by Mopar® adapt perfectly to the shape and angle of your windscreen because they are specially designed for each individual model of car manufactured by the Fiat Group.

Efficient windscreen wipers ensure good visibility and safety. About 20% of road accidents are caused by poor visibility. Visibility is improved by efficient wipers and lights, together with proper ventilation of the passenger compartment.

Take advantage of the seasonal check-ups offered by Authorised Fiat Professional Service Centres to begin all your journeys in safety.

  • Windscreen wiper arm: this part is generally made of metal and transfers the movement generated by the wiper motor to the windscreen wipers themselves.
  • Connectors: these are the parts that connect the wiper blade to the wiper arm; efficient, silent action depends largely on their accurate design. Original windscreen wipers distributed by Mopar® guarantee an excellent connection because they are designed specifically for your vehicle.
  • Elastic guides (inside or outside the rubber blade): these parts ensure that the actual blade maintains an even pressure and an even wiping action along its length. Elastic guides for Flat Blades are characterised by a complex curvature, specifically designed to match the shape of the windscreen and to ensure perfect contact between blade and glass at all points.
  • Reversible edge: this part, made from natural or two-compound synthetic rubber, has to ensure maximum flexibility when the blade changes angle at the end of each stroke. To ensure this action, the rubber edge that comes into contact with the glass is coated in a graphite based non-stick compound. A thoroughly wet windscreen also helps the blade change direction smoothly, and allows it to slide over a film of water some 20 to 200 nm deep (1 nm = 1 nanometre = one millionth of a mm).

The rubber edge of the windscreen wiper is the part most subject to wear over time. Rubber deteriorates even without use, as the result of exposure to the sun and weather (UV rays, ozone, large variations in temperature).

  • Spoiler: the spoiler fitted to the windscreen wiper on the driver's side ensures an efficient action even at high speeds. Spoilers can also be fitted to conventional blades to improve their aerodynamic efficiency and to reduce noise. On Flat Blade wipers, spoilers play an essential role by helping to create the right pressure between the blade and the glass. Spoilers are only needed on the driver's side because the driver's blade assumes a position perpendicular to the air flow. They are not normally fitted to passenger side wipers as these assume a position parallel to the air flow.

Basically, there are two types of windscreen wiper on the market: conventional wipers and the new Flat Blade type.

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Did you know?

More effective where needed

More effective where needed<br /> 

The windscreen wiper system must be most effective where most needed, i.e. in the driver's field of vision. 

This is only possible if the wiper arm, blade and windscreen have been developed together. Original windscreen wipers distributed by Mopar® adapt perfectly to the shape of your windscreen and to the characteristics of the wiper arm because they are specifically designed for each model of vehicle.

Why choose original wiper blades?

Why choose original wiper blades?

Top quality wiper blades remain fully efficient for up to 6 months. During this time they can perform around 125,000 wipes - equivalent to cleaning 13 football fields! Wiper blades are exposed to tough conditions and deteriorate even if not used. High and low temperatures, snow, ice, dust, acid rain, and UV rays all affect their duration.

The quality of the rubber starts to deteriorate after 6 months. In Italy, however, the average interval for replacing wipers is 2 years for windscreen wipers and 5 years for rear window wipers.

To make an active contribution to safety, a periodic check of the wear of front and rear wiper blades is recommended. Replace wipers immediately, if necessary.

Windscreen wipers have got longer over the years

Windscreen wipers have got longer over the years

Over the last 30 years, among many other developments in vehicle design, windscreens have changed too: in particular they have become larger and better shaped to afford the best possible visibility.

Windscreen wipers too have been redesigned, becoming larger and assuming ever more complex designs.

Take the Fiat 500 as an example. When it came out in the 1960s, its metal arch wipers were only about 30 cm long. Those of the new 500 are nearly 70 cm in length!

Fiat Professional’s tips

The following tips can help extend the life of your windscreen wipers.

  • Regular cleaning
    Cleaning your windscreen wipers is a quick and easy operation. Clean your blades regularly to remove debris (leaves and twigs, etc.) that could damage the edge of the rubber. Use a cloth damped in a degreasing detergent to wipe both sides of the rubber blade, from one end to the other.
  • Snow and ice
    Avoid using the windscreen wipers if the windscreen is covered in ice! Doing so could irreparably damage the edge of the rubber. Remove the ice first with a scraper or de-icing spray.
  • Specially formulated screen wash liquid

A specially formulated screen wash detergent is always better than water. It assists blade travel, improves cleaning and helps water run off more quickly. We recommend Petronas Tutela Professional, an innovative, anionic surfactant screen wash liquid that washes, degreases and effectively removes insects, midges, greasy residues and smog without leaving smears. Its formula is compatible with all the materials with which it comes into contact, including paintwork, rubber, plastic and chrome trim.

Always replace both windscreen wipers together. Windscreen wipers are subject to wear. Using wipers of different age is less efficient in the long run.

For your own safety, always change both windscreen wipers and insist on original replacements distributed by Mopar®.



There is no fixed mileage or interval for changing windscreen wipers. So how can you tell they need changing?



Thin lines of water on the windscreen could be due to damage to the edge of the rubber blade.
Use a cloth damped in detergent to clean the rubber blades as soon as possible, but if this does not improve their wiping action, have them replaced at an Authorised Service Centre.



This problem could be due to:

  • Use of an unsuitable detergent
  • Hardening of the rubber blade because of age or exposure to large variations in temperature
  • Damage to the wiper arm, causing it to work at the wrong angle
  • Incorrect connector fitting
  • Use of the wrong blades for your vehicle


Obvious streaks of water on the windscreen can lead to a dangerous loss of visibility. Streaks are almost certainly caused by deteriorated or damaged wiper blades. Do not take unnecessary risks and have a new pair of original replacements fitted as soon as possible.



This problem can occur if:

  • The windscreen wipers are of the wrong size
  • The windscreen wipers have become deformed
  • The curvature of Fiat blade wipers does not match that of the windscreen
  • The blade is not properly connected to the wiper arm