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What is it?


In petrol engines, the spark plugs start the combustion phase, creating the spark which ignites the air/fuel mix. Diesel engines, on the other hand, function using a self-ignition system: the injected fuel ignites when the air/fuel mix reaches the self-combustion temperature. The glow plugs are used to prepare the correct thermal conditions to achieve the spontaneous combustion of the mixture.

Mopar® spark plugs and glow plugs guarantee lower fuel consumption and emissions thanks to perfectly efficient combustion - as well as better performance, excellent driving comfort and engine flexibility.

Difficult ignitions, uneven engine performance, power loss and increased fuel consumption can all be signs of a need to check the spark plugs or glow plugs. Perfectly functioning spark plugs and glow plugs play an important part in optimising engine performance and catalytic converter efficiency.

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Did you know?

Natural Power spark plugs: especially for gas engines

Natural Power spark plugs: especially for gas engines

The combustion of gas is very different to that of petrol: the air and gas mixture ignites less spontaneously because it has a more stable chemical composition compared to that of air/petrol. These means that spark plugs with specific features are required: to commence combustion requires a higher amount of energy from the spark and a greater ignition voltage. The absence of liquid petrol particles in the combustible mixture also generates extremely high combustion temperatures, which may lead to rapid wearing of the electrodes. To make the spark plugs more resistant to the effects of the high temperatures and the gas corrosion, the external surface of the metal body is covered with a special nickel coating, while the earth electrode includes a platinum layer for increased durability.

To ensure your vehicle meets the strictest standards and requirements, choose Natural Power spark plugs by Mopar®. Natural Power spark plugs have been developed specifically for use in LPG and methane engines.

Spark plug appearance and potential engine malfunctions

Spark plug appearance and potential engine malfunctions

The insulator tip reflects the state of health of the spark plug and the engine conditions. In normal conditions, a spark plug with no specific anomalies has a light brown insulator, with slight traces of deposits; regular electrode wear is standard with normal, regular combustion. Ash deposits on the electrodes can indicate poor fuel quality, excess oil consumption or the use of the engine in conditions which are not optimum. Deposits may become hot spots inside the combustion chamber, leading to pre-ignition.

Reliable start-up, even when cold

Reliable start-up, even when cold

As it is not possible to achieve the temperature required for self-ignition through air compression alone, glow plugs are required to help start diesel engines. The glow plugs are located inside the engine head. Their heater bulb points directly into the combustion chamber, and once the starting voltage is applied, they heat up to over 1000°C, depending on the type of glow plug. As a result, the air in the combustion chamber heats up too. This process, which precedes the true engine start-up, is also known as "preheating". Reliable and correctly functioning glow plugs offer invaluable assistance with every cold start-up. Original spark plugs by Mopar® ensure faster ignition and eco-friendly combustion, even at temperatures below zero.

Fiat Professional’s tips

The spark plug is a component which undergoes regular wear and tear: its lifetime is not unlimited, even if it is produced using the most advanced processes, materials and technologies. The spark plugs must therefore be regularly replaced in accordance with the instructions in the owner handbook.

The regular replacement of the spark plugs plays an important part in optimising engine performance and catalytic converter efficiency.

Excessive and prolonged use (due to failure to service your vehicle) may cause:

  • Deposits to accumulate, causing combustion anomalies (pre-ignition and possible piston damage), as well as electrode fusion
  • Electrode wear, preventing the formation of the spark so that eventually the vehicle will not start, with a risk of damage to the catalytic converter

When servicing vehicles fuelled with methane or LPG, we recommend Natural Power spark plugs: made from valuable metals, they are capable of withstanding higher temperatures, and are designed specifically for Fiat Group Automobiles gas and methane models.



Certain driving conditions may cause spark plug soiling, leading to:

  • Difficulty starting-up
  • An engine which struggles to deliver maximum power
  • Failure to start

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