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What is it?


Depending on their position on the car, lighting devices can be grouped into three macro families:

  • Front (headlights, fog lights and daytime running lights)
  • Rear (tail lights)
  • Side (direction indicators)

Other system components include the control units, the levelling motors, the headlight washing systems and the third brake light. A fundamental component in most of these products is the bulb, which comes in various types according to position and function.

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Did you know?

Adjustable lights

Adjustable lights

The first acetylene or oil powered headlights were very popular because the flame was resistant to wind and rain. Technological advantages led manufacturers to develop ever more refined systems: thanks to AFS (Adaptive Frontlight System) technology, today dipped beam headlights are automatically adjustable. On a bend, the light is directed towards the inside for instant illumination of the space in which the vehicle is travelling, including all blind spots. A control unit constantly evaluates parameters such as the steering angle, the yaw rate and the driving speed, and on the basis of these analyses, the dipped headlight beam "follows" the road, for improved illumination. The basic idea is that better visibility means increased safety and driving comfort. AFS can improve the driver's active visibility by up to 70% compared to traditional illumination systems.

Static Front lights

Static Front lights

The predecessor of the AFS is the SFS (Static Frontlight System), which switches on a single front fog light in two specific situations:

  • At the point when the direction indicator is switched on, the fog light on the same side switches on and stays on until the indicator deactivates automatically or it is deactivated using the stalks
  • In the case of steering movements or bends at low speeds

In some cases, and particularly in top of the range models, this function is integrated into the headlights and has a dedicated bulb.

Follow Me

Follow Me

This is an option present on some models, which keeps the dipped beam headlights and tail lights on for a few minutes after stopping the engine and extracting the key. This can be helpful to light up your garage door or gate for a short amount of time. The headlights go off automatically after the set period. In vehicles equipped with this option, to turn on the Follow Me Home function, operate the light stalk within two minutes of stopping the engine. The lights are turned on for 30 seconds longer each time the stalk is operated, for up to three and a half minutes.

Fiat Professional’s tips

Mopar® original lighting components are the best way of guaranteeing a high quality product. Our headlights undergo tests with extremely strict specifications. More than 30 tests must be passed to obtain certification:

  • Salt mist tests
  • Vibration tests
  • Photometric tests
  • Heat shock resistance
  • Atmospheric agent resistance tests, etc.

Mopar® original spare parts are all manufactured in certified and rigorously controlled production processes. Crash tests show that in the case of low speed accidents, very often the headlight's body remains undamaged or at the most there is a small crack in the shell at the rear, whereas the fixing stirrups, specifically designed to keep the shell undamaged, break. Original headlights allow for the use of specific repair kits should the fixing stirrups break. This solution significantly reduces repair costs. If you need to replace a headlight, make sure that an original part is used. Be sure to always choose original spare parts, they guarantee the same efficiency as components fitted on a new car.



Light beam direction

The correct alignment of the headlights is important for the comfort and safety of not only the driver but also all other road users. This is also covered by a specific rule of the highway code. The headlights must be correctly aimed to guarantee the best visibility conditions for yourself and others while travelling with headlights on. Contact a Fiat Professional Dealership to have your headlights checked and adjusted where necessary.

Angle compensation

The majority of recently manufactured vehicles are fitted with an electric headlight alignment system. When the car is loaded, it slopes backwards. This means the headlight beam rises. In this case, it is necessary to adjust the beams using the + and – buttons. In vehicles fitted with gas discharge headlights, headlight alignment adjustment is electronic and automatic. On switching on gas discharge headlights, it is normal for there to be some vertical movement of both the parabolic reflectors and the light beam, for the time required to establish the correct headlight alignment (approximately 2-3 seconds).