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What is it?


Depending on application, filters provide various types of protection and benefits for passengers, the vehicle itself and the environment.

  • Cabin Filter: This cleans the air that enters the car through the ducts of the heating or climate control system. It offers active protection against pollen, particulate matter and other pollutants.
  • Air Filter: This protects the car’s engine against airborne dust, preventing contamination of the combustion process.
  • Oil filter: This cleans the engine oil in a continuous cycle, trapping all the impurities produced by the wear of moving parts as well as solid particles and the residues of combustion.
  • Diesel filter: This traps solid or liquid impurities in the fuel in order to improve its quality and ensure optimum engine performance.
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Did you know?

The tunnel effect

The tunnel effect<br /> 

Especially in large conurbations, exhaust fumes from long lines of vehicles form an invisible "tunnel" of pollutants around them. Soot, dust, exhaust gases and unpleasant odours are literally sucked into the passenger compartment of waiting vehicles, where they tend to build up.

Without the protection provided by the top quality passenger compartment air cleaners distributed by Mopar®, the concentration of exhaust fumes inside your vehicle can reach levels even six times higher than those measurable at the side of the road outside your vehicle.

Simple rules for more ecological driving

Simple rules for more ecological driving

Combined with proper maintenance of your vehicle, the following simple rules can help you reduce fuel consumption by up to 25% for petrol fuelled cars and 20% for diesel fuelled cars, and reduce average CO2 emissions by around 15 grams for every kilometre travelled.

Over 95% water separation

Over 95% water separation<br /> 

The original diesel filters distributed by Mopar® feature a synthetic filter medium capable of capturing over 95% of the water particles present in diesel fuel (in conformity to the latest international standard, ISO TS 16332). They therefore minimise injector corrosion.

Thanks to the unique geometry of over 2,000 concentric layers of special synthetic fibres of varying porosity, and thanks to the characteristics of the polymer from which the filter is made, original Mopar® filters can use the principle of coalescence to separate water from fuel. The behaviour of water in diesel fuel is similar to that of oil in water: small particles tend to come together to form larger ones. When these water particles become large enough, they fall to the bottom under the effect of gravity. Water can therefore be collected in a tank from which it can later be purged.

Fiat Professional’s tips

Replace your vehicle's air cleaner and oil and diesel filters at the specified intervals, according to the specific scheduled servicing for each model, in order to keep your engine operating efficiently and to minimise fuel consumption.

The demand for passenger compartment filters is present throughout the year, in addition to service replacement, carried out to have optimal climate conditions, especially useful and recommended in summer. The problem of pollen is particularly severe in the hot weather between the spring and autumn; in the summer, high ozone levels can cause unpleasant irritations; in the winter, PM10 particulate is present in high concentrations and the windows tend to mist up.
Don't wait for the spring! Your passenger compartment filter provides important protection all year round, so there are plenty of good reasons for replacing it whatever the season.

To improve air quality inside your vehicle, we recommend having your passenger compartment filter replaced once a year.


For comprehensive servicing, Mopar® Vehicle Protection offers you pre-paid service packs, for scheduled servicing as well as the replacement of the parts most subject to wear.
The Mopar® Vehicle Protection servicing plans protect you against unexpected maintenance costs and possible price increases, as every plan includes a fixed discount for the duration of the plan on original used spare parts. Pre-paid service packs will be available late summer 2014.


Your passenger compartment filter needs checking and probably replacing if:

  • There is an unpleasant odour when you switch the heating or the climate control system on
  • You can feel that less air is coming in
  • The air conditioning or climate control system is unable to cool the passenger compartment
  • The windows are constantly misted up
  • Dust and dirt build up rapidly on the dashboard

Beware of a clogged oil filter! If your oil filter becomes clogged with impurities, the bypass valve opens and oil no longer flows through the filter. This means your engine is no longer protected; contaminated oil will be pumped all around the engine, accelerating the wear of its moving parts.

To avoid engine damage that is far more expensive than a new filter, remember that:

  • The oil filter should be replaced every time you change the oil
  • Regular checks and oil changes at the specified intervals extend the life of your engine