Service Plans

One of the easiest ways to manage scheduled service costs is to spread them over regular monthly payments, this eliminates unexpected service bills when your service is due. Your local Fiat Professional dealer will be able to offer you a range of service plans tailored exactly to your car and driving requirements. In addition to these easy to manage monthly payments you also have the ability to pay up front and benefit from fixed servicing at today’s prices. Contact your dealer for more information.

Easycare Professional is a comprehensive maintenance contract that offers all services as per the manufacturer’s recommendations and all oil and oil filter changes whenever they are required.

Flexible: options from 24 months and 40.000 miles all the way to 60 months and 150,000 miles
Clear: a simple and clear pricing structure that can be combined with our extended warranty product Maximum Care Professional

Easycare Professional offers real benefits:
  • Fix the price of all the regular maintenances at the point of the vehicle purchase
  • Protection against inflation, VAT and parts and labour price increases
  • Guaranteed use of genuine parts, which have been specifically designed for the vehicle’s requirements
  • European wide 24 months unlimited parts and labour warranty guarantee
  • Provide the vehicle with all of the essential maintenance required to ensure it is kept in the very best condition guaranteeing a better resale value
  • services guaranteed at every official Fiat Professional dealer nationwide

Terms and Conditions will apply.

Download EasyCare PDF Brochure

Warranty Extensions

The authorised dealer network has the ability to offer you a range of warranty extension products giving you the option of extending the comprehensive warranty offered on each new van.

Please contact your local dealer for more information.

Maximum Care is a comprehensive product that covers all of the main mechanical and electrical items guaranteeing them against any failure as a direct result of faulty materials or workmanship to give complete peace of mind. It is available in various time and mileage bandings listed below:

Additional CoverTotal Cover DurationMaximum Milleage
+1 Year (12 months) 4 years (48 months) 80,000 miles
+1 Year (12 months) 4 years (48 months) 100,000 miles
+1 Year (12 months) 4 years (48 months) 120,000 miles
+2 Years (24 months) 5 years (60 months) 100,000 miles
+2 Years (24 months) 5 years (60 months 120,000 miles


You can only order the Maximum Care Warranty by signing the Front Page of the terms and conditions, provided by the dealership, at the time or within 15 days of your vehicle’s first registration. 


Download Max Care PDF Brochure